Thursday, 3 November 2016

Another Minor Milestone

As of today I have fifty different stories on submission… I thought forty was an achievement! If the object is to have every applicable market supplied whenever they’re reading, so as to statistically shorten the odds of matching the right material to the right market at the right time, maybe the saturation approach will pay dividends. Of course, a few of them are rapid-turnaround markets, I expect two or three rejections by tomorrow – that’s just how it works.

It’s certainly a big investment of time and effort to reassign rejected stories to different markets, while writing fresh material and getting it into shape to be shown. Rejection as such is not necessarily anything to be disheartened about, the stories I’ve placed to date vary between their third and sixth showings at purchase, but there’s an element of gritting your teeth when you set a new record for number of refusals in one day… Still, the professional never rests!

I just completed a new longish Middle Stars story, a tale of archaeology in space, titled The Lost Empire, and look forward to offering it in future. The next manuscript I may look at finalising for submission might just be Bitch Cassidy and the Sometime Kid, a half-length novel in the Middle Stars chronology, a tale of politics, organised crime and adventure among starship-builders on an ocean planet…

More news as it breaks…

Cheers, Mike Adamson

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