Monday, 7 November 2016

First Exposures – Update VII

Positive news seems to be turning up more frequently amid the stock-in-trade mill of rejections which appears to be the norm in this game. A few days ago I picked up another shortlisting, my story “Legacy” is being held for final consideration by Spark: A Creative Anthology and I’m hoping for a decision before the end of the year.

Secondly, I was contacted today by Galaxy Press with the news I have been awarded an Honourable Mention in the Writers of the FutureContest for the second quarter in succession! This is very welcome news, and I’ll post the certificate when it arrives. I have high hopes the piece I have with them for First Quarter 2017 will place!

Lately I’ve been tidying up old submissions, querying outstanding business as it were. A couple were rejections which got lost in cyberspace, one is with a magazine which is down due to server hacking a month back, another is delayed due to the editor being hospitalised with a nasty infection, while others are simply “in process” and my submission has not yet been considered. Two more were a resubmission situation as the original submissions could not be located, while a further submission has been queried but not yet responded to. This pretty much covers business up to three months or so in the past… The writer must be his or her own secretary, and every morning seems to be the window for business before getting down to the creative side. The project is certainly consuming a lot of time, lately it’s seven days a week.

More news as it happens,

Cheers, Mike Adamson.

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