Thursday, 20 October 2016

First Exposures – Update V

Given the number of times rejections group together, I have somewhat optimistically wondered if acceptances might do the same, and the laws of chance seem to dictate that eventually it would happen. I’m delighted to announce two acceptances falling just twelve hours apart!

First, my flash-length SF short “Critical Need” has been picked up by the UK-based electronic title Kzine, a new publication styled expressly for the Kindle platform. The piece is not expected to appear for over a year, so I’ll post details when I know myself. Incidentally, this was my 200th submission overall.

And secondly, my horror short “Red Sun Rising,” has been picked up by Society of Misfit Stories, which is a branch of Bards and Sages Publishing. This one, the second of my “Lucinda Crane, Vampire Hunter” stories (following on from “Crimson Blade” in the anthology Spectral Visions: The Collection in 2014) should be appearing in the next few months.

Lately it seems I’ve been back to fielding a lot of rejections, so picking up two acceptances in quick succession is very encouraging, and I look forward to working on a new piece today!

Cheers, Mike Adamson

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