Friday, 7 October 2016

First Exposures – Update IV

I’m delighted to report I picked up another shortlisting today, my dystopian SF short “The Crime of Memory” cleared first-readers with the magazine Overcast, and I should know in a month or so if I have a placement.

I’m closing in on 200 submissions, with 43 stories out at this time, and am hoping the numbers are statistically on my side – that the law of averages means at least some of them will find a home. I’m prepared to me amazed, shall we say?

I’m working on a longer piece right now, one of my Tales of the Middle Stars opus, this one is an adventure piece on the desert planet Susa, following three recently-demobilised sergeants from the Colonial Fleet who have taken a security job with a most unlikely employer… The formula is a western, through and through, I realised the first day I started, but I managed over 8000 words that day, the story just wanted to be written, so I went with it. It’ll be novelette to short-novel range when it’s done, and I just hope there’s a market out there which can take a lengthy piece when the day comes.

Cheers, Mike Adamson

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