Friday, 1 December 2017

In Print, December 2017 (and Progress)

Another post in quick succession, this is feeling like the old days in 2016!

My story Hostile Intent is now available as Compelling Science Fiction #10 goes live at Kindle for purchase, and here’s a direct read link for the site.

This is my second story with the magazine and my fourth pro placement. It’s wonderful to see material go out on the upper end of the market!

The situation with Alban Lake re Stalking Nemesis is under review, it may have been a simple admin glitch. Plus, they’re also looking at a novella from me, so fingers crossed there.

74 stories out at the moment, and over the last three days I have written a “flash triptych,” three short stories which, despite standing alone individually, describe an arc of events for their protagonist. I’m hopeful of selling them all of a piece at some point, maybe to Daily SF.

Updates as they happen,

Cheers, Mike Adamson

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