Wednesday, 29 November 2017

In Print, November 2017 (and Progress)

It seem a bit late in the month to be doing a what’s-in-print piece, but there are a couple of announcements to make.

First up, my “Middle Stars” short story The Eternals is now available in Phantaxis #7, this is my second placement with this excellent title from Canada. Click the link to go to their Amazon page for ebook or print editions.

Uprising Review published a third short from me, Naevus, which you can read online here.

A third piece was due out this month, my vampire story Stalking Nemesis in the Alban Lake title Bloodbond, but the edition (released just before the Thanksgiving break) does not seem to feature my piece – I have inquired with the publishers as to the situation and will pass on any news as it comes available.

Further, I just received the go-ahead to promote my second placement with Flame Tree Publishing in London, the anthology Endless Apocalypse features my hard SF story Flight of the Storm God. This is another of my “Post-Habitable Earth” group of stories, one of which appeared in the anthology Ecotastrophe II. Click the link for their blog entry announcing the contents. I’m totally thrilled with this, as the Flame Tree product is truly spectacular, and of course at full pro level.

I have a couple of short-listings in play, my story “Salazar’s Flying Emporium” is short-listed at Pulp Literature, a pro market, while “The Value of Meaningless Malaise” is short-listed with The Overcast, my fourth such hold/pending with that title.

Compelling Science Fiction (pro) have picked up a second story from me, Hostile Intent, which is due out in December – news as it breaks!

I currently have 39 placements. I have written seven stories in the month of November – who knows, I may write an extra flash today to round it up to eight!

Cheers,  Mike Adamson

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