Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Progress 02

It seems there’s a fair bit to report as February gets underway! Last week the edits for my Japanese fantasy-historical Ieyasu and the Shadow came in from GuardbridgeBooks for Tales of the Sunrise Lands, and the experience was a very positive one, a productive dialog in which the story improved in several subtle ways. This was placement number eleven for me.

Then Bards & Sages got in touch to offer me a secondary contract for my story Red Sun Rising (going active with their “Society on Misfit Stories” on February 3rd, US side of the dateline, for which I’ll post links on the day) covering inclusion in their anthology Society of Misfit Stories Vol. 2, due for release in about 18 months. This is my first reprint and my first “best-of” style anthology.

A couple of days ago, my fantasy-SF short By the Moons of Grolph was picked up by the UK anthology Sword and Planet, a product of the very busy Horrified Press. This is a most approachable company with a busy publishing schedule and I offered them another piece right away. My fantasy short Fall of the Dark God had just spent four months shortlisted at Ares, but unfortunately didn’t make the final cut, so I redirected it to the quarterly Lovecraftiana, also from Horrified, and was delighted to find it accepted literally by return mail!

Things certainly seem to be moving, and my fingers are crossed that with developing exposure and an expanding list of credits I can get my foot in the door further up the market. It’s a most exciting process and each day is an adventure! I wrote five stories in January, totalling almost 25, 000 words, and am keen to maintain the momentum.

Cheers, Mike Adamson

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