Thursday, 29 September 2016

A Minor Milestone

Last time I posted about persistence, about keeping your work out there and constantly under consideration at appropriate venues, and this week’s submissions have certainly moved my total figures along. As of today – listening to the rain and wind out there as Adelaide experiences the third wave of the “fifty-year storm” for which September 2016 will long be remembered – I have exceeded forty stories on submission.

In the past it seemed that the more rapidly one submitted, the faster the rejections arrived, and that is probably still the case depending on the accuracy with which material is matched to venue, but lately I seem to be getting that part of the equation right(er) more often than not, and the floods of turnarounds I saw in the early days have rather abated. That does not mean acceptances are arriving at the same rate instead – would that they were! – but at least stories under consideration are running their full course, and sometimes more besides.

I have more stories on the way, in notes, in writing, in polishing, so the story-telling machine is still in force, though I’ve noticed I’m spending more time on the process of submission and less on writing now. With a large collection of material, some of it still to see the light of day on the submission round, this is perhaps a good thing.

I’m happy to continue in this vein, seeking out markets and offering stories, and if the day comes I have fifty out there, I’ll post that too!

Cheers, Mike Adamson

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