Tuesday, 19 June 2018

In Print, June 2018 (and Progress)

June 20th will always be a sombre day for me, as it’s a year today I lost my Mom. I wish she could have lived to see the strides I’ve made as a writer, I’ll always regret that she has not had the pleasure of enjoyong developments as they came about.

Releasing today is the anthology Wavelengths, an SF collection focussing on modes of communication, from JayHenge Press. The volume features my story Sing to Me, the Alien Said, one of my “Tales of the Middle Stars” opus. It’s available in ebook and print editions through Amazon US and Amazon UK.

The anthology After the Orange, featuring my story Hellrider, is coming out shortly, final proofs have been seen, so watch this space for links.

Here’s the link to the Nature/Futures blog with my discussion of Masques (see entry for May 30th):

Here’s the cover of the edition containing the story:

And here’s the free online archive of the story itself.

Nature, in print and electronic editions in a variety of languages, is estimated to reach eight million readers, and it’s quite a thrill to imagine science professionals all over the world turning to the inside back page and browsing the week’s SF outing!


Mike Adamson

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