Sunday, 4 March 2018

In Print, March 2018 (and Progress)

I’m delighted to start off the month with my very first podcast! My fantasy short Devotions (first published in 2013 in the online mag Spirit & Spell) was picked up by Centropic Oracle and the podcast went live on March 2nd. Read by Charly Thomas, it’s a nice seven-minute listen. Interestingly, though I did not specifically describe the first-person narrative character, CO has interpreted the protagonist as female, while it has always been male in my own mind, and indeed was illustrated male for S&S.

Listen to the podcast right here.

Also going live is the promotional blog at Flame Tree Publishing for their next pair of anthologies going on release, and I scored a placement with Endless Apocalypse for my SF short Flight of the Storm God, one of my “Post-Habitable Earth” stories. The blog showcases author Q&As, and you can catch my commentaries on this and the next instalment with regard to my piece.

A rather special accolade came my way recently, as my story Hostile Intent, which appeared in Compelling Science Fiction #10, has received a first-round nomination for this year's Hugo Awards in the Best Novelette category. Of course, this means very little, as those which become official nominees are the five stories in each category which garner the most overall votes, and it's doubtful the story will have enough exposure to draw that kind of attention. There again, if anyone reading this is a member of the World Science Fiction Society and eligible to vote, you know which story I hope you'll vote for!


The second round promo blog for Endless Apocalypse went live on 8/3/18, you can read it here.

And on the same day I picked up my seventh simultaneous shortlisting (a new personal best), my historic-horror tale "The Moth and the Candle" has passed first readers at the anthology Dies Infaustus.

On March 14th an eighth short-listing came up; this time my "Middle Stars" piece "The Dreaming Giants" is currently held for further consideration at Aurealis. Definitely a new record!

Cheers, Mike Adamson

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