Sunday, 9 July 2017

In Print, July 2017 (and Progress)

A number of plusses have come along in the first week of July. My ‘Middle Stars” short story The Alien Way was picked up by the anthology Visions VII: Universe, and will be going to press this month – direct links as soon as they are available. This brings me to six “Middle Stars” stories placed, if I keep on like this one day I’ll be able to talk to a publisher about doing a collection in paperback.

Next up, the new pulp era-tribute magazine Storyhack Action and Adventure has picked up my WWII story Circus to Boulonge for issue #1 (it was held over from Issue #0). No release date yet, but the issue is moving through production and we went to contract today. Links when they come available, as always.

And AndromedaSpaceways have shortlisted my “Middle Stars” story “The Marachel Job,” another actioner on the high frontier, introducing a new character I’ll be returning to .

I just completed another “Middle Stars” piece, “The One that is All,” for submission to the anthology StrangeBeasties from Third Flatiron – it’s a little overlength but they cleared me to submit without doing a severe edit, so here’s hoping they like it!

Also appearing in print this month should be my short story Pelagus in the anthology Ecotastrophe II, from Nomadic Delirium Press (same publisher as The Martian Wave), due for release July 27th, and my Cthulhu Mythos short With Strange Aeons will be in the edition of Lovecraftiana releasing on July 31st.

Releasing the weekend os July 15-16 in the UK is the anthology Tales of the Sunrise Lands – more info in the next post!

In addition, as of the 15th, my short story "Unremembered Dreams" is shortlisted with the magazine New Myths, a turnaround within a few hours!

Circus to Boulonge was my 26th placement. I recently passed the 500 submissions mark, I’m on 504 at this moment, with 66 stories out and more to come. I keep the plates spinning ever single day!

Cheers, Mike Adamson

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