Monday, 24 April 2017

In Print, April 2017 (and Progress)

Things have been a little slower lately, the pace of acceptances has been down since February, with a total of nineteen on the scorecard to date. I have an important announcement for next month, so will hopefully be posting news in two or three weeks. (Apologies for being so quiet lately, but I’ve been writing intensively too.)

Coming available at the end of April will be the Walpurgisnacht edition of Lovecraftiana, featuring my short story Fall of the Dark God, and I seem to have struck up a good working relationship with this publishing house. I have a story in their stand-alone anthology Sword and Planet (By the Moons of Grolph) and in the last week placed another piece with the magazine. My Cthulhu Mythos piece With Strange Aeons is slated for the following issue of Lovecraftiana, due for release July 31st. This is my first repeat publisher. Sales links as they come available!

The new magazine Storyhack is dedicated to action and adventure in all their forms, and I pitched a “pure” adventure, i.e., taking place in a real world/historical context as opposed to a genre setting, and the piece was solicited. I penned a World War II adventure about a British fighter pilot shot down on the coast of France endeavouring to escape back to England, and formulated it as if it were a memoires written in the late 1970s. This is easily the most intensively researched piece I have ever written. The editor was unable to fit the story into his inaugural volume but would like to consider it for the second, so I’m very hopeful this will firm up into a placement in due course.

I have a short-listing with Andromeda Spaceways, which is great news, but apparently they buy only 5% of stories on the shortlist anyway, so the odds remain around the level of random chance even after passing two rounds of reading – nobody said it was easy! On the same note, two more short-listings have come in in quick succession. The young readers’ magazine Cast of Wonders like my piece Salazar’s Flying Emporium, while the Aussie SF mag Aurealis, just coming up on their milestone 100th issue, fancy my deep-sea horror piece Fear of the Dark. My fingers are crossed for both!

My new record for total number of stories on submission at any one time stands at 73, and I expect it to go higher in the near future. I have made 429 submissions to date, and completed 24 stories so far this year.

I’ll hopefully have some new essays soon, and am always eager to report new sales!

Cheers, Mike Adamson

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