Tuesday, 13 December 2016

First Exposures – Update X

My latest successes are two-fold and I’m excited to announce I have a novel under consideration with Flame Tree Press in the UK. As a contributor to a number of Flame Tree projects this year (none selected for publication, as it happens) I was sent the call-for-submissions for Flame Tree’s new line of spec-fiction novels, and queried promptly with a project hard to characterise – is it SF? Well, it’s certainly scientific, and not a single human being appears in it! My novel Morning of the Earth piqued editorial interest and was solicited; it was given a fresh draft and submitted this past week, so fingers are definitely crossed.

The second item – I’m delighted to announce my short story “Vital Dispatches” has been picked up by the Canadian magazine Phantaxis for inclusion in their issue for January 2017. It’ll be available online and in ebook and print formats, so widely accessible.

This is my eighth placement overall, and I have four shortlistings in play, so it’s looking pretty good as I head into the holidays.

Cheers, Mike Adamson

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