Sunday, 15 October 2017

In Print, October 2017 (and Progress)

In the five weeks since I last posted (I can hardly believe that, but having graded essays for two university courses which both came due the day I last posted, maybe it’s not so surprising!) I’ve made progress on several levels. As the cover above suggests, The Martian Wave 2017 was released by Nomadic Delirium Press on October 13th. This is the fifth annual volume since the collection came to this publisher. In it, you’ll find my story The Hard Way Home, a classic tale of a lone astronaut trapped on the wrong side of the sky.

Also, I’ve had a number of placements. Sing to Me, the Alien Said   was picked up by the anthology Wavelengths, from Jay Henge on September 27th, while Myriad Paradigm followed through on their shortlisting to secure my “Middle Stars” piece Existential Bliss for the first volume of their pro anthology Mind Candy on October 2nd. Meanwhile, my tongue-in-cheek conspiracy theory short Unremembered Dreams was bought by 4Star Stories on the same day (the second time I’ve sold two pieces in one day!) to be held against a future volume of short-short fiction, while my “Middle Stars” tale Wake was bought by Mythic on the 8th for their fifth edition. This is my tenth “Middle Stars” piece to find a berth.

The online magazine UprisingReview approached me to pen an op-ed on the subject of dystopian fiction, focusing on how it seems to have lost its way – how the cautionary nature of the genre has diverged into dystopia for its own sake. I’ll post a link when my piece, The Romance of Decay, goes live.

I currently have thirty-four placements, three at pro rates, and my record for number of submissions in play has reached 81. I have plenty more stories to write, and recently completed a historical adventure set in the British India of 1837

More as things transpire,

Cheers, Mike Adamson

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