Monday, 21 November 2016

First Exposures – Update VIII

A couple of pieces of good news lately – a couple of days ago I received word that my story “The Reluctant Lazarene” is shortlisted with Andromeda Spaceways – I say short, it’s probably the long-list, they say I’ll hear back in a few weeks to know if I’ve joined a smaller group, and then there’ll be a few months wait for the final decision.

Today I heard back from TheMartian Wave, an annual anthology dealing with speculative visions of the exploration of the solar system and beyond, to say they are accepting my story “The Hard Way Home” for the 2017 volume. This is a great pleasure as it’s a story I enjoyed writing and I feel is a valid look at the kind of drama likely to unfold in space sooner or later.

I currently have forty-nine pieces on submission, and am hopeful others will find berths as time goes by. I have a couple more to write in the near future, one commissioned by Helios Quarterly.  The writing campaign is about six weeks off a full first year and I hope to add an extra sale or two to the year’s stats by then.

Cheers, Mike Adamson

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